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Lady Macbeth (2016) sinhala subtitle

Lady Macbeth 2016 is an English language film produced in the UK. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. The story of the film is based on the book Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District by Nikolai Leskov. Also, Lady Macbeth 2016 is scripted by playwright Alice Birch. Also, although the film is called Lady Macbeth, it has nothing to do with Shakespeare's Macbeth story. The film is directed by William Oldroyd. The film was produced by Sixty-Six Pictures and co-produced by Fordhla Cronin O'Reilly, an Irish filmmaker. The cinematography is by Ari Wegner and the editing is by Nick Emerson. Award-winning music director Dan Jones has contributed music to the film. The 89-minute running Lady Macbeth 2016 film was released on September 10, 2016, through Altitude Film Distribution. The film also grossed $ 5.2 million at the box office on April 28, 2017, after being screened worldwide. The film also won Florence Pugh the Malone Souliers Award for Breakthrough of the Year on December 8, 2016, at the Evening Standard British Film Awards. The film won the Cineuropa Award at the Les Arcs European Film Festival on December 16, 2016. Also at the Dublin Film Critics' Circle Festival on February 26, 2017, Florence Pugh won the Best Actress award. She also won the Top Ten Independent Films award at the National Board of Review on November 28, 2017. At this film festival too, the lead actress was nominated for the Best Actress award but did not win the award. The film was nominated for a number of awards at the European Film Awards on December 9, 2017, but won the European Discovery, Prix FIPRESCI, and Best Supporting Actress award. The film also received an IMDB rating of 6.8 / 10 with 20,997 votes. Rotten Tomatoes is 88%, Metacritic 76%, and Google 74%.


A large number of actors and actresses have contributed to the film Lady Macbeth 2016. Also, the fact that an actress has been selected for the lead role is something special here. Florence Pugh plays the wife of an aristocrat named Katherine Lester in the film. She also made her acting debut in the dramatic film The Falling. However, she won the award for her role in the film Lady Macbeth 2016. Here she wins the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress awards. The lead actor in the film is Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis, also known as Cosmo Jarvis, who plays a black slave named Sebastian. Cosmo Jarvis is an American-born British actor, musician, and filmmaker. Naomi Ackie is a British film actress who plays the role of Anna in this film. In 2015, she made her acting debut in the series Raven and won the Best Supporting Actress Award for End of the Fucking World 2020 at the British Academy Television Awards. The film also stars Christopher Fairbank as Boris Lester, the husband of Lady Macbeth. He is also a professional stage actor by profession as well as an English film actor. Paul Hilton plays the character of Alexander Lester in this film. Paul Hilton is also an actor in stage drama as well as in fields such as television and radio. Actress Golda Rosheuvel plays the role of Agnes in this film and she is a professional stage actress as well as a singer and film actress. Also starring Anton Palmer as Teddy, Rebecca Manley as Mary in the film, and Fleur Houdijk as Tessa in the film. The great actor Cliff Burnett also played the role of Peter's father in the film, while Nicholas Lumley played the role of Mr. Robertson's character, too, Actor Raymond Finn in this film Mr. Kirkbride also plays the role of Ian Conningham, a detective named Logan in the film.


In 1865, Catherine marries Alexander Lester, an old man and wealthy man with no sense of love. After marriage, they live in an estate mansion owned by Alexander's father, Boris, in a very remote countryside in Northumberland, southeastern England. Also, Catherine lived her life according to her husband and father-in-law, avoiding even leaving the house under very strict rules. Boris, Alexander's father, often accused Catherine of giving birth to a son in order to carry on his legacy. But Alexander's sexual feelings were a bit different. He always wanted to look at Katherine's naked body and masturbate. One day Boris and Alexander have to leave home and go to a faraway place for business. Catherine, who is alone at home with her housemaid Anna, begins to take frequent walks around her home. Meanwhile, Katherine sees her gardener being harassed by a housemaid, Anna, hanging from a blanket in a shed. Here, as Catherine rescues Anna from the men, she is attracted to one of the men, Sebastian. Later that day, Catherine returned to the estate to meet Sebastian the next day, when he returned home to meet Anna. As a result, there is a love affair between the two of them. But Anna, a housemaid, finds out about this and tells a local priest to warn Catherine about the practice. But she refuses to listen to the priest who comes to counsel Catherine and sends him back. After finishing his business, Alexander's father, Boris, returns home. While he was eating at his dining table, he wanted his favorite wine, so he sent the servants to fetch it, but he later found out that it was finished. For this reason, he suspects that the housemaid, Anna, has finished that wine. He also treats Anna like an animal and forces her to drink wine poured on the floor of the house. Catherine takes no action on this. When Boris finally finds out about the relationship between Sebastian and Catherine, he beats Sebastian and locks him in a stable. For this reason, Katherine Boris was later poisoned to death.


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