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The Fortress (2017) sinhala subtitle

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The Fortress (2017) Introduction

"The Fortress" is a South Korean historical drama film released in 2017. Directed and written by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the film is based on the novel "Namhansanseong" by Kim Hoon. The story is set in the late 17th century during the Second Manchu invasion of Korea. The film features an impressive cast including Song Young-chang, Jo Woo-jin, and Lee David among others. The film was a box office success in South Korea and was released in over 28 countries worldwide. In this review, I will discuss the film's plot, characters, cinematography, and music.

The Fortress (2017) Plot

The Fortress is set in 1636, during the reign of King Injo, and tells the story of the Second Manchu invasion of Korea. The story begins with the arrival of the Manchu army at Namhansanseong, a fortress located near the capital city of Hanyang. The king and his advisors are faced with a difficult decision of whether to surrender the fortress to the Manchu army or to fight to the death.

The film primarily focuses on the relationships between the main characters, who are all members of the king's court. Kim Ryoo (played by Song Young-chang), a Confucian scholar, is the chief advisor to the king. He is a staunch advocate of defending the fortress to the death, even if it means sacrificing the lives of the entire court. Jung Myung-soo (played by Jo Woo-jin) is the military commander of the fortress, and he is tasked with leading the defense against the Manchu army. Chil-bok (played by Lee David) is the king's young page, who is tasked with delivering messages between the king and his advisors.

As the Manchu army begins to lay siege to the fortress, tensions rise among the king and his advisors. The king is torn between his duty to protect his people and his desire to save the lives of his courtiers. The film explores the themes of loyalty, sacrifice, and the price of power as the king and his advisors struggle to make a decision that will ultimately determine the fate of their country.

The Fortress (2017) Characters & Cast

The characters in The Fortress are complex and multi-dimensional, and the performances by the actors are outstanding. Song Young-chang gives a powerful performance as Kim Ryoo, the chief advisor to the king. He is a man of principle who believes that the defense of the fortress is a matter of national honor. Jo Woo-jin is equally impressive as Jung Myung-soo, the military commander of the fortress. He is a hardened soldier who is willing to do whatever it takes to defend the fortress.

Lee David, who plays Chil-bok, the young page, brings a sense of innocence and vulnerability to the story. He is caught in the middle of the conflict between the king and his advisors and is forced to grow up quickly. The other characters in the film are equally compelling, including Heo Sung-tae as Yong Gol-dae, the king's confidante, and Jo Ah-in as Na-roo, the king's concubine.

The Fortress (2017) Cinematography

The cinematography in The Fortress is breathtaking. The film was shot on location at Namhansanseong, a real fortress located outside of Seoul, and the stunning landscape is captured beautifully. The use of natural light and shadow is particularly effective in creating a sense of tension and foreboding. The battle scenes are expertly choreographed and shot, and the use of slow-motion and close-ups gives the viewer a sense of the chaos and violence of the conflict.

The Fortress (2017) Music

The music in The Fortress is composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto, and it is haunting and atmospheric. The score is a mix of traditional Korean music and modernThe Fortress (2017) is a Korean-language film directed into action, drama, and history by Hwang Dong-hyuk. Starring LEE Byung-hun, KIM Yun-Seok, PARK Hae-il, KO Soo, PARK Hee-soon, and JO Woo-jin, the film has an IMDB rating of 6.9 and a Google user rating of 87%. It has also been noted.

The Fortress (2017) Story

In the year 1636, South Korea was invaded by the powerful Manchu Empire, and King Injo was forced to flee to the fortress Nathan. As the enemy drew closer, the king prepared to go to war with the Qing dynasty in a bid to defend his people's freedom and dignity.

However, within the walls of the fortress, there were two ideological cliques that were battling each other. One group, led by Choi Myung-kil (played by Lee Byung-hun), believed that it was necessary to make peace with the enemy, while the other group, led by Kim Sang-hun (played by Kim Yoon-seok), believed that the only way to defend the nation's honor was by fighting to the end.

The tension between these two groups was palpable, and it soon became clear that the fate of the nation rested on their shoulders. King Injo (played by Park Hae-il) was in agony as he watched his men argue and bicker over what course of action to take.

Meanwhile, Seo Nal-soe (played by Go Soo), a skilled blacksmith, was sent out with a king's letter to recruit loyal forces to help defend the fortress. He traveled through treacherous terrain and battled brutal weather conditions to fulfill his mission, hoping to find men who would be willing to fight for their country's freedom.

Inside the fortress, the commander of the Namhansanseong garrison, Lee Shi-baek (played by Park Hee-soon), silently defended the mountain fortress, battling the cold weather and the enemy forces that were closing in on all sides.

As tensions reached a boiling point, the fate of the nation hung in the balance. The decision to make peace or fight to the death would determine the outcome of the war and the future of South Korea.

The Fortress is a thrilling and intense historical drama that explores the human cost of war and the difficult decisions that leaders must make to protect their people. It is a story of courage, sacrifice, and the unbreakable spirit of a nation in the face of adversity.


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