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Voice of Sathyanathan (2023) Sinhala Subtitle & Review: A Comedy Thriller Unveiled

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Dileep shines in the lead role in 'Voice of Sathyanathan' (2023) Sinhala Sub &English Sub

Unveiling the Enigma: Voice of Sathyanathan (2023) Sinhala Subtitle & English Subtitle - A Comprehensive Review

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"Voice of Sathyanathan (2023) Review" is an Indian Malayalam-language comedy thriller film that has garnered mixed reviews but proved to be a commercial success at the box office. Directed and written by Rafi, the film stars Dileep in the lead role, supported by a talented ensemble cast.

The movie, set in a fictional village in Kerala, follows the escapades of Sathyanathan, played by Dileep, who owns a furniture shop and finds himself entangled in a series of comedic and thrilling situations due to his uncontrollable tongue. The plot takes unexpected turns as Sathyanathan gets mistakenly involved in a plot against the President of India, ultimately leading to a mission to prove his innocence.

The film's production value is commendable, with principal photography spanning various locations, including Kerala, Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Hyderabad. "Voice of Sathyanathan" successfully blends comedy, drama, and sarcasm, creating an engaging family-friendly experience.

The cast delivers notable performances, with Dileep's portrayal of Sathyanathan receiving praise. The supporting cast, including Joju George, Veena Nandakumar, Jagapathi Babu, Siddique, and Vijayaraghavan, adds depth to the narrative.

Despite mixed critical reviews, the film achieved significant success at the box office, grossing ₹23 crore (US$2.9 million) worldwide. The commercial success is a testament to its entertainment value and audience appeal.

For those eagerly awaiting its online release, "Voice of Sathyanathan" is expected to be available on in September 2023, adding anticipation for fans who missed its theatrical run. The film initially released on July 28, 2023, and its online streaming debut is scheduled for September 21, 2023.

In conclusion, "Voice of Sathyanathan" presents a unique blend of comedy and thriller elements, making it an entertaining watch for audiences. Despite varying critical opinions, its success at the box office and upcoming online release on indicate a positive reception among viewers and also voice of sathyanathan release date 2023 ott is in

A Tale of Redemption Voice of Sathyanathan (2023) The Plot Unraveled: Sathyanathan's Journey

In a small town in Kerala, Sathyanathan, the owner of a furniture shop, finds himself entangled in a web of troubles due to his unrestrained tongue. His rivalry with Tabala Varkeychan, the panchayat president, takes an unexpected turn when he unwittingly becomes the target of a misguided investigation.

One fateful morning, Sathyanathan is summoned to the police station, where he is interrogated about his alleged threats to the President of India. A series of misunderstandings lead him to face imprisonment and an encounter with Balan, accused of a crime he didn't commit.

Determined to clear his name, Sathyanathan embarks on a journey to Mumbai, only to be detained again when the police suspect his involvement in a sinister plot. Inside the Mumbai central jail, he encounters Saahi Bhai, a terrorist who underestimates Sathyanathan until a revelation changes their dynamic.

Released with a new alliance, Sathyanathan returns to Kerala, but his troubles are far from over. Accused once again, he faces interrogation and imprisonment. Amidst his struggles, he forms an unlikely friendship with Balan, vowing to bring justice to the wrongly accused man.

As events unfold, Sathyanathan stumbles upon crucial information about the real perpetrators. Collaborating with the police, he helps apprehend a key member of the terrorist group, bringing them one step closer to justice.

However, the climax takes a dark turn when Saahi Bhai, feeling betrayed, puts Sathyanathan in a life-threatening situation. As authorities attempt to defuse the crisis, a tragic event leaves Sathyanathan in shock.

In a surprising turn of events, the court exonerates Balan, reuniting him with his daughter. The President of India, recognizing Sathyanathan's efforts for justice, acknowledges him in a public speech. Watching from his jail cell, Sathyanathan witnesses the restoration of his reputation, proving that even in the face of adversity, redemption is possible.

This gripping tale of redemption, misunderstandings, and unexpected alliances serves as a reminder that sometimes, the unlikeliest heroes emerge from the darkest corners. Also, You can find another pachuvum athbutha vilakkum 2023 Malayalam film From Subscenelk

Voice of Sathyanathan (2023) Cast Ensemble: Stellar Performances Taking Center Stage

Voice of Sathyanathan Cast:

  1. Dileep as Sathyanathan / Sathyan
  2. Joju George as Balan
  3. Veena Nandakumar as Susan, Sathyanathan's wife
  4. Jagapathi Babu as Nambiar
  5. Siddique as Tabala Varkeychan (Thavala)
  6. Vijayaraghavan as Susan's father
  7. Anupam Kher as President of India (Voice dubbed by Sai Kumar)
  8. Johny Antony as Cleetus, Panchayat president
  9. Benny P. Nayarambalam as Thomas "Thomachan"
  10. Janardhanan as Vaidyar
  11. Jude Anthany Joseph as Sabu, Sathyanathan's friend (cameo appearance)
  12. Abhiram Radhakrishnan as DYSP Shihab Imran
  13. Makarand Deshpande as Saahi Bhai, terrorist leader
  14. Jaffer Sadiq as Tango, a terrorist group member
  15. Ramesh Pisharody as Stephen, a YouTube vlogger
  16. Alencier Ley Lopez as SP Vincent Koshy
  17. Boban Samuel as Saghavu Anirudhan
  18. Srikant Murali as Advocate Aravindakshan
  19. Neena Kurup as Susan's mother
  20. Sminu Sijo as Thresyakkutty, Varkeychan's wife
  21. Kottayam Ramesh as Constable Sugunan
  22. Thennal Abhilash as Balan's daughter
  23. Vineeth Thattil as Balan's brother-in-law
  24. Rafi as Ikka, Balan's father-in-law
  25. Vijilesh Karayad as Chandran
  26. Ambika Mohan as Vaidyar's patient
  27. Unni Marimayam as a prisoner
  28. KP Naisal as a prisoner
  29. Sinoj Varghese as a prisoner
  30. Thankachan Vithura as a bus conductor
  31. Anusree as Balan's wife (cameo appearance)

Voice of Sathyanathan Crew: A Comprehensive List of Cast and Film Contributors

  1. Directed by: Raffi
  2. Writing Credits:
  3. Raffi ... Dialogue
  4. Raffi ... Screenplay
  5. Raffi ... Story
.Produced by:
  1. Badusha ... Producer
  2. Manju Badusha ... Executive Producer
  3. Rajan Chirayil ... Producer
  4. Dileep ... Producer
  5. Prijin Jayaprakash (as Prijin J.P.) ... Producer
  6. Jibin Joseph ... Co-Producer
  7. Shinoy Mathew ... Producer
  8. Neethu Shinoy ... Executive Producer
  9. Vinod Unnithan ... Line Producer
  10. Music by:Ankit Menon

Cinematography by:
  1. Swaroop Philip
  2. Jithin Stanislaus
  3. Editing by: Shameer Muhammed
  4. Art Direction by: M. Bava
  5. Costume Design by:Sameera Saneesh
Production Management:
  1. Robin Augustine ... Finance Controller
  2. Nazir Hussain ... Production Manager
  3. Sandeep Mishra ... Unit Production Manager
  4. Ayansh Paandey ... Unit Production Manager
Sound Department:
  1. Avinash Chirammal ... Location Sound Recordist
  2. Ajith Abraham George ... Sound Mixer
  3. VS Krishnaprasad ... Assistant Mixing Engineer
  4. Sanjith Punnose (as Sanjith_Punnose) ... Assistant Sound Mixer
Visual Effects by:
  1. Coconut Bunch ... Visual Effects
  2. Delson David ... Business Head
  3. E S Rahul (as E s Rahul) ... Visual Effects Supervisor
Camera and Electrical Department:
  1. Ankit Sharma Laddi ... Steadicam Operator
  2. K J Sarat ... Assistant Camera
Casting Department:
  1. Shekhar Kalra ... Extras Casting
  2. Kalra Shekhar ... Casting Coordinator
Location Management:
  1. Shekhar Kalra ... Local Line Production
  2. Rakesh Kondvilkar ... Location Manager
  3. Pradeep Mohod ... Assistant Location Manager
Music Department:
  1. Ankit Menon ... Music
  2. Sooraj Santhosh ... Singer
  3. Vinayak Sasikumar ... Lyricist
  4. Abin Thomas ... BGM
Transportation Department:
  1. Shekhar Kalra ... Transportation

Discover the Charm of 'Voice of Sathyanathan': A Family Movie with Sarcasm and Drama Set in a Fictional Village in Kerala

"Voice of Sathyanathan" is a family movie. This film combines elements of family entertainment with sarcasm and drama. Set in a fictional village in Kerala, the story revolves around Sathyanathan, who operates a furniture shop. The plot involves him selling new furniture as antiques by distressing them, adding a unique and engaging dimension to the narrative.

Voice of Sathyanathan: Budget, Box Office Success, and Global Impact Unveiled

Discover the financial journey of "Voice of Sathyanathan Budget" as we delve into its budget and box office performance. While the exact budget remains undisclosed, the film emerged as a resounding success at the box office, grossing ₹23 crore (US$2.9 million) worldwide. Kerala played a significant role, contributing ₹16 crore (US$2.0 million), with an additional ₹1 crore (US$130,000) coming from the rest of India and ₹6 crore (US$750,000) from overseas earnings. This stellar performance solidifies "Voice of Sathyanathan" as a hit, resonating with audiences globally and making its mark in the world of cinema also voice of sathyanathan trailer can find subcenelk.

Voice of Sathyanathan: Diverse Ratings Reflect the Subjective Nature of Film Reception

The film "Voice of Sathyanathan" has received varying ratings across different platforms. On IMDb, it holds a rating of 6.1/10, indicating a moderate reception from the audience. The Times of India has given it a rating of 2.5/5, suggesting a somewhat mixed or average review from the critics. 

However, a positive sign is that 88% of Google users have expressed their liking for the movie. This divergence in ratings highlights the subjective nature of opinions, and individual preferences may play a significant role in one's enjoyment of "Voice of Sathyanathan." It's always recommended to explore diverse reviews and ratings to form a comprehensive understanding of the film's reception.

ප්‍රහේලිකාව එළිදැක්වීම: Voice of Sathyanathan (2023) සිංහල උපසිරැසි ඉංග්‍රීසි උපසිරැසි - විස්තීර්ණ සමාලෝචනයක්
මිදීම, වරදවා වටහාගැනීම් සහ අනපේක්ෂිත සන්ධාන පිළිබඳ මෙම ග්‍රහණ කතාව සමහර විට, අකැමැති වීරයන් අඳුරුතම කොනෙන් මතුවන බව මතක් කිරීමක් ලෙස සේවය කරයි.

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