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Ancient Aliens S11E02 English Subtitle - Destination Mars

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Ancient Aliens S11E02 English Subtitle - Destination Mars

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Ancient Aliens S11E02: Destination Mars - A Review and English Subtitle

The History Channel’s beloved series, Ancient Aliens, has a knack for rewriting both history and its own broadcast chronology. For those keeping track, the series has renumbered its seasons, transforming what should have been season nine into the current season 11. This curious renumbering is perhaps a testament to the show’s ability to reshape narratives, including its own. Tonight, we delve into Ancient Aliens S11E02, titled “Destination Mars,” an episode that treads familiar ground by revisiting themes previously explored in “Aliens and the Red Planet.”

Segment 1: Science Fiction Meets Ancient Mythology

The episode kicks off with a speculative vision of NASA’s future mission to Mars, featuring insights from Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon. Stephen Petranek, a former Discover magazine editor and author, joins the discussion, promoting his book on colonizing Mars. This segment, while intriguing, strays from ancient astronaut theories and focuses on the practicalities of Martian colonization. To tie it back to the show’s core theme, William Henry suggests that the Book of Genesis describes an alien terraforming effort on Earth, a claim met with mixed reactions from other commentators.

Segment 2: Martian Microbes and Panspermia Hypotheses

The second segment revisits the debate over potential microbial life on Mars, highlighting the 1996 announcement of possible Martian microbes in a meteorite. The show posits that Earth life might have originated on Mars, a hypothesis known as panspermia. Ariel Bar Tzadok adds a mystical twist, claiming that Watchers from the Book of Enoch lived on Mars and seeded life on Earth. This segment also entertains the idea that Martian-born humans would be taller and thinner due to Mars’ lower gravity, echoing medieval depictions of angels.

Segment 3: Cosmic Lightning and Nuclear Catastrophe

The Valles Marineris, a massive trench on Mars, is the focus of the third segment. Ancient Aliens suggests that this canyon was formed by a giant lightning bolt, a claim that scientists generally dispute. Giorgio Tsoukalos argues that alien thunder-weapons created the valley, drawing parallels with Indo-European myths. The episode also revisits John Brandenburg’s controversial theory that Mars experienced a nuclear catastrophe, a claim that lacks mainstream scientific support but is a recurring theme on the show.

Segment 4: Martian Pareidolia and Photoshop Tricks

In the fourth segment, the show examines images of Martian rocks that supposedly resemble sculptures. Joseph White, a Photoshop expert, demonstrates how enhancing these photos can reveal details, though skeptics argue this process introduces bias. Mike Bara speculates that the Martian region Cydonia is a ruined city mirroring the Pleiades constellation, but provides no concrete evidence for this alignment.

Segment 5: Conspiracy Theories and Martian Shadows

A shadow resembling a human form in a NASA rover photo sparks conspiracy theories, suggesting a NASA cover-up. This segment recycles material from previous episodes, claiming Werner von Braun orchestrated secret missions to Mars. The episode then shifts to a promotional advertisement for Ancient Aliens: The Game, highlighting the strange juxtaposition of dire conspiracies with recreational entertainment.

Segment 6: Elon Musk and the Martian Exodus

The final segment features Elon Musk’s ambitious plans for Space-X to colonize Mars. Ancient Aliens pundits argue that humanity must escape to Mars to avoid inevitable Earthly disasters. This notion of a select group fleeing to another planet while leaving the rest behind is subtly reflective of current socio-political dynamics.


Ancient Aliens S11E02: Destination Mars offers a blend of science fiction, ancient mythology, and bold speculation. From discussions of Martian colonization to recycled conspiracy theories, the episode navigates a wide array of topics, often straying into the realm of the fantastical. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or a curious newcomer, this episode is a testament to the enduring allure of ancient astronaut theories and the unending quest for answers beyond our world.

For those interested in experiencing more, you can explore the Ancient Aliens Sinhala subtitle versions or watch Ancient Aliens free online. The Ancient Aliens cast and Ancient Aliens crew continue to bring captivating content, blending history with the extraordinary. Whether you’re following the Ancient Aliens tv show, attending the Ancient Aliens live tour, or diving into ancient astronaut theories, there’s always something intriguing to discover.

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