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Solo (2017) Sinhala subtitle


solo 2017

solo 2017 or solo 2017 is an Indian Malayalam language film.The film is divided into love stories and dramas and is presented as an experimental anthology film.The film is directed by bejoy nambiar and he has also co-written and produced the screenplay.Also, the film has been shot simultaneously in Tamil and Malayalam and the production started in 2016.The film was released in Tamil and Malayalam for the first time worldwide on October 5, 2017.

Also, the film has been dubbed into Telugu under the title athade.It was released to the show on June 22, 2018.The film is similarly dubbed into Hindi under the name tatva.However, many people have contributed to the production of the film.Their names are abraham mathew, sherisha technologies private limited, bejoy nambiar, executive producer-neha mishra.The production companies are gataway films, refex entertainment and abaam movies.

However, kartik r.iyer has contributed to the script of the film, dialogues have been written for the Tamil script and dhanya suresh has been written for the Malayalam script and the story has been written by bejoy nambiar.Bejoy nambiar with original script for script and anjali nair, kartik r with additional screenplay. iyer, sreedevi krishnan contributed.Also composed by the world abhinav bansal and ajmal mujeeb, world of shekhar short music, the world of trilok short music by coffee, govind, gaurav godkhindi.

the world of siva short music musala coffe, thaikkudam bridge, ragini ghagwat, govind menon, world of rudra short story music prashant pillai, filter coffee, sooraj s. kurup, also provided by gaurav godkhindi.The background music for the short films world of shekhar, world of trilok, world of shiva, the world of rudra has been composed by prashant pillai, govind, sooraj s.kurup.The film also received an IMDB rating of 7.1 / 10 and a Google rating of 87%.

Cinematography is by girish gangadharvan, madhu neelakandan and sejal shah.Also, the film has been edited by a.sreekar prasad.Most of the scenes in the film were shot in Kochi.they also spent about 12 hours a day doing this.Released in Malayalam, the film has a running time of 154 minutes and a Tamil version has a running time of 152 minutes.

Dulquer salmaan has also starred in all four short films as the lead actress of the film.In them he plays a university student named Shekhar, a veterinarian named trilok menon, a savage thug named siva, and an army officer named lt.rudra Ramachandran.

sai dhanashika plays the role of a blind dance student and Shaker's girlfriend in the short film world of shekhar.neha sharma plays the role of akshara in Malayalam in the short film world of rudra and the character of bhama in tamil as well as rudra's half sister and girlfriend.Actress sruthi hariharan plays the role of siva's wife in the short film world of siva.Actress arthi venkatesh plays the role of trilok's wife in the short film world of trilok.

The actor dino morea plays the role of raunaq sachdeva in the short film world of rudra and the character of a senior rudra officer.Manoj k.jayan plays the role of a gang leader named bhadhran as well as a sivage teacher in the short film world of siva.soubin shahir actor world of shekhar short film pattu shekharge contributes by acting as best friend.

And by supporting acting sathish muthukrishnan, john vijay, sheelu abraham, aas mohammad, siddhart menon, anupama kumar, nithya shri, kishore rajkumar, anson paul, ann augustine, renji panicker, azhagam perumal, prakash belawadi, govind menon, manesh prabhakar, , sai tamhankar, peethambaram menon, asha jayaram, manit joura, nassar, suhasini mani ratnam, deepti sati, suresh chandra menon, sujata sehgal, mona mathews.

A few short stories from the solo short film series

The film consists of four distinct short stories.Here, in the short film world of shekhar or blind love, Shaker's world is based on the element water.The story is based on the love story of an open-minded couple, Shaker, a stunning but violent young man, and Radhika, a blind and talented dancer.Their love story began four years ago at university.Many people are lining up to win Radhika's love.

Among the group are Shaker's friends Nelson and Sanju.But in the end Radhika declares in front of all these people that she loves Shaker.When the family finds out about their love affair, they initially dislike it but later agree.There Radhika reveals that she is pregnant and is allowed to get married.But after a while Radhika dies while going to give birth.This was unbearable so Shaker got into a car accident while riding his motorcycle in a panic.

The short film world of trilok or the cyclist begins with Thomas Zachariah driving his BMW car through a mountainous area when aisha's bicycle collides with his car.Zachariah's son — in — law Justin comes to her rescue, but Zachariah refuses.But Justin dies while being put in a car and taken to a hospital.Here Zacharias drags her body to the side of the road and flees.

Four years later, Justin leaves for business while Justin and his wife, Annie, mourn the death of Zachariah.However, a veterinarian named trilok comes to his rescue, despite the accident due to the loss of brakes in his car.The short film called the world of siva or ties of blood begin with a scene where Shiva's mother leaves him and his father.

Years later, he works as a mercenary under a thug leader named Siva Badran.Shiva's life changes dramatically after his father is shot dead in a bar.cctv footage shows Shiva's father being murdered by Vishnu, another underworld leader in Mumbai.Here Shiva and his two companions Nanda and Prabha leave for Mumbai to kill Vishnu and avenge the death of his father.

In the short film world of rudra or the affair, rudra ramachandran is training as a military apprentice and loves his girlfriend Akshara immensely.rudra is considered to be the son of Brigadier Ramachandran and Science.He is also often criticized for his violent behavior.But his father always treated him as his friend.However, akshara's father Sundararajan files a case to be expelled from the army for his violent behavior.Meanwhile, akshara tells rudra that she wants to go to Australia and She leaves, promising to marry him.But all of a sudden something turns upside down

bejoy nambiar Director?

bejoy nambiar

bejoy nambiar was born on April 12, 1979, in Kannur, Kerala, India.He is best known for his work as a director and screenwriter in the industry.And most of all, I work in the Bollywood industry and I am more inclined to direct short films.Also, two of his most controversial short films are Rahu and Reflection.These were played by a famous actor named Mohanlal.Here he wins the privileges of sony pix.He also directed the film Shaitan 2011 for the first time.

His second film is bilingual comedy and gangster david 2013.His latest film is Taish 2020 and he has directed and screened a large number of films with it.Nambiar was married in 2007 to juhi babbar.The couple divorced two years later in January 2009.Sheetal monon, who later became his girlfriend for a long time, got married on December 27, 2015, in the traditional Malayalam style of Kerala.

His films are reflections 2005, shaitan 2011, david 1 2013, david 2013, kuku mathur ki jhand ho gayi 2014, pizza 2014, wazir 2016, solo 2017, karwaan 2018, flip 2019, taish 2020.However, he won the Best Director award for Shaitan 2012.This was decided by a three-judge panel comprising Ashok Amritraj, Rajat Kapoor and Anurag Basu.He also starred in amitabh bachchan and farhan akhtar in the 2016 film Wazir which he directed.He has also created a short video called sachinocalypse for all india bakchod.

Who is this dulquer salmaan?

dulquer salmaan

dulquer salmaan was born on July 28, 1986.His father is considered to be a well known Malayalam film actor mammootty.Dulquer has been an actor, background singer and film producer since 2012.He has also acted in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and films.He also holds a degree in Business Management from Salmaan Purdue University.He also worked as a business manager before entering the film industry.He has also won four filmfare award south awards and a kerala state film award.

barry john After studying acting for three months at the theater, he is making his acting debut in the second film 2012.He plays the role of a thug named Harilal.The film won him a Best New Actor award at the Filmfare Awards South and was a huge commercial success.He was also nominated for a Best Actor Award for his role in the 2012 film Ustad Hotel.His wife is Amal Sufiya, an architect.He is also considered to be the first Tamil actor to act in a film, vaayai moodi pesavum 29014.

Mahanati 2018 for the first time in a Telugu film.He later made his Hindi film debut in karwaan 2018 and the zoya factor 2019.There are a large number of films he has acted in: second show 2012, ustad hotel 2012, theevram 2012, abce: american-born confused desi 2013,5 sundarikal 2013 Sinhala subtitles for this movie are provided by subscenelk.

 Use this link 5 suvdarikal 2013.neelakasham pachakadal chuvanna bhoomi 2013, pattam pole 2013, salalah mobiles 2014, vaayai moodi pesavum 2014, samsaaram aarogyathinu haanikaram 2014, bangalore dayes 2014, vikramadithyan 2014, njaan 2014 We have provided Sinhala subtitles for the movie.100 days of love 2015, o kadhal kanmani 2015, charlie 2015, kali 2016, kammatipaadam 2016, annmaria kalippilanu 2016, jomonte suvisheshangal 2017, cia.comrade in america 2017, parava 2017, solo 2017, mahanati 2018 movie subtitles sinhala subtitles Get the link nadigaiyar thilagam 2018 provided here,

karwaan 2018 Get Sinhala subtitles here karwaan 2018,Get oru yamandan premakadha 2019 Sinhala subtitles from this link oru yamandan premakadha 2019.There are a lot of movies like the zoya factor 2019, varane avashyamund 2020, kannum kannum kollaiyadithaal 2020, maniyarayile ashokan 2020.kurup 2021, salute 2021, hey sinamika 2021 have not been released yet.

Who is Neha Sharma?

neha sharma

neha sharma was born on November 21, 1987, in Bhagalpur, Bihar, India.She has been in the industry as an actress and model since 2007.She was educated at Mount Carmel School in Bhagalpur.She later studied fashion design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi.She made her acting debut in the Telugu film chirutha released on September 28, 2007.

Her first Hindi film was crook: it’s good to be bad 2010, released on October 8, 2010, and directed by mohit suri.In 2012, she starred in the teri meri kahaani film directed by kunal kohli.She is best known for her role in the movie kyaa super kool hai hum 2012.In her early life she started her father ajeet sharma as a businessman and a politician.He was assisted and mobilized to support him in various elections.

She also suffered from severe asthma as a child and became physically weak.But later she was able to recover completely.Her personal hobbies include cooking, listening to music, reading books and dancing.Sharma has studied the Indian classical dance tradition known as Katak.She also studied salsa merengue, jive, and jazz music, a hip hop Latin dance tradition.

She has also acted in a number of films which are considered as chirutha 2007, kurradu 2009, crook: it's good to be bad 2010, teri meri kahaani 2012, kyaa super kool hain hum 2012, jayantabhai ki luv story 2013, yamla pagla deewana 2.2013, youngistaan ​​2014, kriti 2016, xuanzang 2016, tum bin 2 ... 2016, mubarakan 2016, solo 2017, tanhaji 2017, illegal 2020, ik sandhu hunda si 2020, else jogira sara ra ra 2021 is still filming.



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