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Anjani Putra (2017) Sinhala Subtitle & Review

Anjani Putra (2017) Sinhala Subtitle & Review,Anjani Putra (2017) Sinhala Subtitle, Anjani Putra (2017) Sinhala Sub, Anjani Putra Sinhala Subtitle, Anjani Putra Sinhala Sub
Anjani Putra (2017) Sinhala Subtitle & Review

Anjani Putra (2017) Sinhala Subtitle & Review

Anjani Putra (2017) Sinhala Subtitle, Anjani Putra (2017) Sinhala Sub, Anjani Putra Sinhala Subtitle, Anjani Putra Sinhala Sub 

Anjani Putra (2017) or Hanuman's Son 2017 is an Indian Kannada language film. The film is divided into action romance and thriller. Anjani Putra (2017) is directed and written by A. Harsha. He directs his career in Kannada cinema as a film director and choreographer. 

As a director, he often makes offerings to his films to the god Hanuman. Also, this film is considered a remake of the 2014 Tamil film director Poojai by Hari Gopalakrishnan. The production company that produced the film is MNK Movies and Jayashreedevi Production.

 Production Contributed by M.N. Kumar is the producer. The cinematography is by Swamy. J and editing are by Deepu S. Kumar. The music director of the film is Ravi BasrurHe is an Indian film composer, sound designer, lyricist, and director. He made his Kannada film debut in 2014.

 The film features six songs and all the music is composed under the PRK Audio brand owned by Puneeth Rajkumar. The song "Anjani Putra" is composed by Kinnal Raj and sung by Ravi Basrur, Srinivas, and Mohan. The song "Magariya" is composed by Chethan Kumar and sung by Ravi Basrur. The song "Geetha" is sung by Vijay Prakash and Supriya Lohith.

 The lyrics of the song "1234 Shille Hodi" are composed by V. Nagendra Prasad and sung by Puneeth Rajkumar and Chandan Shetty." Chanda Chanda" is composed by Pramod Maravante and sung by Ravi Basrur and Anuradha Bhatt. 

The lyrics of the song "Saahukaaraa" are composed by K. Kalyan and the song is sung by Vijay Prakash. The special feature of this film is that the music director Ravi Basrur and the lead actor Puneeth Rajkumar sing most of the songs in the film. The 139-minute film was released to the public on December 21, 2017. The IMDB user rating is 6.2 / 10 with 596 votes and the Google user rating is 82%.

Anjani Putra (2017) Cast

Anjani Putra (2017) has a large cast of actors and a large number of well-known actresses in supporting roles as well as lead roles. Puneeth Rajkumar, an Indian actor, singer, TV presenter, and filmmaker, will play the lead role in the film as Viraj alias Anjana Devi's son. He also plays the role of the owner of a large business network in the film as well as a moneylender and a person who always fights against injustice. 

Rashmika Mandanna, who plays the lead role in Anjani Putra (2017), is an Indian actress as well as a model and actively contributes to Telugu Kannada and Tamil cinema. She has won a Filmfare Award and a South Indian International Movie Award. She also plays the role of a young woman named Geetha in this film.

 Leading Indian actress Ramya Krishnan plays the role of Anjana Devi and Viraj's mother. She has acted in over 260 films in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, and Hindi and is a veteran actress who has won four Filmfare Awards as well as many other film awards. 

Mukesh Tiwari, who often plays the villain in Bollywood and other language films, plays the role of a thug named Bhairava in the film. The film stars SP Surya Prakash as Pudipeddi Ravi Shankar, also known as Sai Ravi, an Indian actor, voice actor, director, and writer in Kannada cinema. He is credited with contributing more than 3,500 films in various languages. 

He also won awards at the Tamil Nadu State Film Festival for his singing skills. Akhilendra Mishra, a film and teledrama actor, plays the role of Raj Thakur in this film. Indian Kannada music director and actor V. Manohar alias Vitla Manohar plays the role of Geetha's father in this film. 

Actress Seetha Kote plays the role of Geetha's mother in the film, Sadhu Kokila plays the role of a maid working in Viraj's house, and Chikkanna plays the role of a servant working in Viraj's house called Chikkanna. Girish shivanna plays the role of Viraj's friend playing the role of Karimale in this film, Harini Chandra plays the role of Viraj's aunt, Cockroach Sudhi plays a character named Suri in the film, who plays Bhairava's best thug. Hariprriya plays a character who dances to a song from the film. 

Anjani Putra (2017) Story

The story of Anjani Putra (2017) is based on Viraj alias Raj, a moneylender, and owner of a large business network. The film shows that they are producing fabric for the world through their company and that it is a big business. But his mother Anjana Devi and his uncle misunderstand him and eventually kick him out of all business and kick him out of the house. He then goes to a distant village and starts his own business, where he meets Geetha, a wealthy young woman who comes to a shopping mall as a moneylender. 

After a while, Geeta sees the good qualities in Viraj and soon falls in love with Viraj. One day Viraj manages to save Surya Prakash, a police officer, and his wife from Bhairava, a thug. Bhairava is planning to kill them because Surya Prakash is always working against his illegal activities. Bhairava is portrayed in the film as a businessman as well as a contract killer, as well as a man who seeks to seize people's businesses and lands by force and kill them. 

The police department is transferring him to a province where he is exposed externally in order to launch an operation to apprehend him and kill him. Meanwhile, Bhairava breaks down the template in a land belonging to Viraj's family and starts making plans to capture that land. However, the thugs, including Viraj Bhairava, who returned to this place, prevented them from occupying the land, attacked them, and chased them away. 

After the Temple Rescue incident, the misunderstanding between Viraj and his mother Anjana Devi is resolved and he is later given all his business rights and allowed to return home. Meanwhile, Bhairava, angry at not being able to get the land, attacks Viraj's uncle. To avenge this, Viraj attacks Bhairava and his men again. Later Bhairava summons the thugs from Jodhpur and again works to massacre Viraj's family

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