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Koode 2018 or I Am With You 2018 is considered an Indian Malayalam language Kerala movie. Koode 2018 movie is mainly divided into psychological and drama genres and Koode 2018 movie is directed by director Anjali Menon who is a film producer as well as a screenwriter and works extensively in the Malayalam cinema industry.

Film director Anjali Menon has won many national awards as well as international awards, while she is entering the film industry for the first time by scripting and directing the short film Black Nor White. After that, the film director Anjali Menon contributed screenplays and direction for some extremely popular films like Kerala Cafe 2009, Manjadikuru 2012, Bangalore Days 2014, Koode 2018, etc. She has contributed a script for Ustad Hotel 2012 and is next slated to direct Wonder Women 2022 Malayalam film.

Also, the Malayalam movie Koode 2018 is based on the Marathi movie Happy Journey 2014, and the story writer Sachin Kundalkar who wrote the story has also been used as the story writer of the Koode 2018 Malayalam movie. Koode 2018 Malayalam movie is produced by Rejaputhra Visual Media and Little Films India and produced by M. Renjith. The cinematography has been done by Little Swayamp and the editing has been done by Praveen Prabhakar. All the music of the film Koode has been released under the brand name Muzik 247 and the songs and background music direction have been composed by musicians M. Jayachandran and Raghu Dixit. The running time of the Koode 2018 movie released on July 14, 2018, through Rejaputhra Release and Popcorn Entertainments companies is 155 minutes and the received IMDB value is 7.6/10. Google user value has been shown as 86%.

Koode 2018 Malayalam movie Cast

Koode 2018 Malayalam film has contributed to many Nalunilians and this is also considered the hundredth film of the lead actor Prithviraj Sukumaran. In Koode, Prithviraj Sukumaran plays the role of Joshua Thomas, a young man who works as a factory worker in Dubai.

After a silence of about four years, Nazriya Nazim is coming back to the cinema through the movie Koode. Here she presents the role of Jennifer Maria Thomas or Jenny and is shown in the film as a character who always roams with Joshua Thomas as a ghost or as a memory after dying of a treasured disease.

Actress Parvathy Thiruvothu Kottuvattaa, who plays Joshua's girlfriend and wife in Koode, plays the role of a widow named Sophie in this film. Ranjith Balakrishnan, who is also an Indian film director, presents the role of Aloshi in this film. Mala Parvathy plays the role of Lily, Roshan Mathew plays the role of a musician and university student named Krisha, and Siddharth Menon plays the role of Sean.

Atul Kulkarni plays the role of Coach Ashraf in this movie, Devan Sreenivasan plays the role of Sophie's father in this movie, Pauly Valsan plays the role of Kochuthresiamma in this movie, Sajitha Madathil plays the role of a teacher in this movie, and Santhosh Keezhattoor plays the role of Stephen or Lily's brother in this movie.

Koode 2018 Malayalam movie Story

The story of Koode 2018 Malayalam movie begins with a scene where Prithiviraj Sukumaran aka Joshua is working in an oil factory in Dubai and receives a sudden phone call. Here he gets to know that his sister Jenny has died which is very unfortunate news. After this, the film suddenly shows Joshua returning to his hometown in a scene and he finally starts to reflect on the memories between his sister and himself because of the sadness that arises when he attends Jenny's funeral.

Here he seems to recall his 15 years as a boy and the scenes showing that period flow in the film. There, in the memory, he shows how he took care of his sister as a child and after a sudden illness, the doctors say that she is suffering from a rare disease and needs to be treated to keep her alive. Finally, because the family is unable to pay for Jenny's treatment, Joshua gives up his studies and moves to the Middle East, having to go to work.

Here Joshua is taken to work in the Middle East by his uncle, and some scenes in the film metaphorically show that Joshua's uncle sexually assaulted Joshua and considered him a sex slave in the early years. Meanwhile, showing a current scene in the film, Joshua begins to spend time reading paintings and poems drawn by his sister.

Here Jenny's pet dog also becomes Joshua's pet and finally, Joshua starts to travel with this dog in the old ambulance that was requested by his father. Here, Joshua travels to different places according to his childhood memories and finally meets Sophie, who becomes his childhood sweetheart. In this film, it is shown that Sophie is a person who has been divorced due to the harassment of her husband, who lives her life with great troubles and obstacles, and in the end, their love starts again and they try to remarry and live together amid the strong opposition of the members of their houses.


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