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Pathonpatham Noottandu 2022 sinhala subtitle & Review Full Cast & Crew Story


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Pathonpatham Noottandu 2022 or Nineteenth Century 2022 is an Indian Malayalam language action and period and drama film. The story of Pathonpatham Noottandu 2022 is written and directed by T. G. Vinayakumar, an Indian screenwriter, film producer, lyricist, and film director who is active in the Malayalam film industry as well as in the Dravidian cinema. He has managed to contribute more than thirty films to the cinema industry since 1989. Also, the Pathonpatham Noottandu movie has been produced through Sri Gokulam Movies Production Company and the film producer Gokulan Gopalan has contributed to the production of the movie. 

The cinematography of Pathonpatham Noottandu 2022 is done by Shaji Kumar who works as a cinematographer in Malayalam and Tamil film industry and National Award winner Vivek Harshan has done the editing work of Pathonpatham Noottandu and background narration is done by two famous Malayalam actors Mohanlal Viswanathan and Muhammad Kutty Panaparambil Ismail aka Mammootty. 

Santhosh Narayanan, who is also a lyricist and musician, has done the music direction of Pathonpatham Noottandu and the lyrics have been composed by M. Jayachandran and Rafeeq Ahmed. Pathonpatham Noottandu has 5 song compositions, "Pootham Varunnedi" is sung by Sayanora Philip, "Mayilpeeli Ilakunnu" is sung by Mridula Warrier and K. S. Harisankar, and "Karumban Inningu Varumo" is sung by Narayani Gopan and Nikhil Raj. The song "Vaanam" has been sung by singers Unni Elyaraja and Sithara Krishnakumar while the song "Parava Padunna" has sung by singer Pandalam Balan. 

The movie Pathonpatham Noottandu 2022 with a running time of 158 minutes has been released on September 8, 2022, through Sri Gokulam Movies and Dream Big Films. Also, the IMDb value received for the movie Pathonpatham Noottandu 2022 is 7.2/10 while the Google user value has been shown as 87%.

Pathonpatham Noottandu 2022 Movie Cast

In the movie Pathonpatham Noottandu 2022, actor Siju Wilson has played the lead role of Arattupula Velayudha Panikkar, who is a wealthy businessman and a sword-fighting artist. He is working in the Malayalam film industry as a film actor as well as a producer and has even won the Kerala State Award for Best Film Production for the film Vasanthi 2019. Also, in the movie Pathonpatham Noottandu, actress Kayadu Lohar portrays the role of a low-caste girl named Nangeli who works as an actress as well as a model in the Malayalam film industry. Lyricist, film actor, film director, and screenwriter Anup Menon plays the role of Ailayam Thirunal Rama Varma, the Maharaja of Travancore. 

Chemban Vinod Jose is portraying the role of a famous thief named Kayamkulam Kochunni in Pathonpatham Noottandu. Deepti Sati plays the role of Savitri Thampuratti, a noble girl in this film. Also, actress Poonam Bajwa plays the role of Matruppilliel Kalyanikutty, the queen of Travancore in the movie Pathonpatham Noottandu, and she works as an actress and model in Malayalam Kannada Dravida and Telugu cinema. In this film, Renu Soundar plays the role of a low-caste woman named Neeli, Senthil Krishna plays the role of Chirukandan, Sudev Nair plays the role of an army leader named Padaveedan Nambi, and a large group of actors contributed to the rest of the roles.

Pathonpatham Noottandu 2022 story

The story of Pathonpatham Noottandu 2022 is based on some heroic characters in the state of Kerala in the 19th century and a real historical story. In the early part of the film, Arattupula Velayudha Chekavar's youth is composed of frames where he visits the East India Trading Company headquarters in Travancore to obtain a permit needed to export cardamom. Finally, after having a conflict with the local nobles and the English military officers, he manages to escape from the place amidst the British firing. After this, the film starts showing Velayudha Chekavar as a businessman as well as a person who won the people of the lower caste people of the region and who fights against the pressures of the aristocrats and the caste people on the lower caste people.

Here, a thief named Kayam Kulam Kochchunni steals the jewels from the temple of the great king of Travancore. The king's army and generals fail to find the stolen goods because the ministers and other members of the royal court help him to escape by giving him money from Kayamkulam Kochunni.

In the meantime, the lower caste community living under various unfair taxes and laws are treated as slaves of the upper caste rich people and are tempted to kill them even for a minor mistake by harassing them against this, a young woman named Nangeli who stands up for women's rights gives leadership to her people and fights against social injustice. Here she works together with Velayudha Chekavar.In the meantime, Chekavar creates a temple for the lower caste people and people belonging to any caste to visit, and the aristocrats who do not give permission for this end up having a conflict with him and conspire to kill him.

Kayamkulam Kochunni 1818-1896

Kayamkulam Kochchunni is considered to be a person who lived in the village of Kayamkulam in Karthikapalli taluk of Travancore in 1818. Kayamkulam Kochunni is a real person who lived in the 19th century and is considered to be a thief who stole wealth from the rich and distributed it to the poor.

Due to the poverty in his family after his father's death, he eventually started working as a shop assistant and later became known as a criminal because he started stealing. At one point, Kochchunni's girlfriend is arrested for betraying him to the authorities, and eventually, he escapes from custody and kills the girlfriend and his assistant. After this, he steals the Shaligrama rocks and ornaments from the Padmanabhaswamy temple.

(Saligram is a special type of rock collected from the banks of the Kali Gandaki River, a tributary of the Gandaki River in Nepal. These are ammonite shell fossils from the Cretaceous period. These are considered to be Ashtamurti received by Madhavachara through Vyasadeva and symbolize Lord Vishnu).

T. Madhava Rao, the minister of Travancore at the time, accused Kochunni of a number of thefts and two murders. As the police and royal authorities were unable to arrest Kochchunni, finally Arattupula Velayudha Chekavar was assigned the task of arresting Kochchunni and because he did it successfully, Chekavar was given the high title of Panikkar by the king. After that, in 1859, at the age of 41, Kochunni was hanged in a prison in Thiruvananthapuram.

Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker 1825-1874

Arattupula Velayudha Panikar is also known as Kalisseril Velayudha Chekavar and he is regarded as a social reformer and warrior who lived in the 19th century. Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker was born in a wealthy family of Kalliseril in Mangalam near Haripad in the Alappuzha district and belonged to a caste called Isa, a clan associated with martial arts. Velayudha Panikkar's ancestors were traders who successfully dealt with Arab, Kutch, and Sinhalese traders and their family even owned ships in foreign trade and are also considered to be the owners of acres of large coconut plantations and farmlands.

Velayudha Panicker is considered to be a master of Kalari martial arts, a champion swimmer, and a skilled horse rider. Arattupuzha Velayudha was well-versed in the trinity of Sanskrit, Malayalam, and Dravidian languages ​​and organized great wrestling matches and Kalari Suttana competitions. Also, he fought against the caste system and carried out a number of large protest movements, and tried to give many privileges to the lower castes that were limited only to the upper castes.

He created separate temple complexes due to things like entering temples that were forbidden to lower caste people and with the patronage of the Maharaja he got various orders for the service he did for the lower castes and it was a reason to get angry with the upper castes and higher officials. Because of this, in the year 1874, after a conspiracy by a group of upper castes, Arattupula Velayudha Chekavar was killed in his sleep after an attack during a night boat trip at the age of 48. He is also considered to be the first patriot who died for the revival of Kerala.

Nangeli 19th century Kerala

The story of Nangeli is reported to be fictional, however, she is believed to be an Esava caste woman who lived in Chertala, Travancore in the 19th century. Her husband worked as a frogman by profession and due to wars and other factors in the early 19th century, the governments of the time introduced new tax systems which were considered dehumanizing.

Here, women were forbidden to wear clothes that cover their breasts and lower caste women had to pay a breast tax and men had to pay a mustache tax. On one occasion, the local village officer (Pravathiyar) came to collect the breast tax from Nangeli, and there he harassed her by measuring her breasts and forcing her to pay the related tax. Naegeli, who protested, cut off her breast and threw it at the officer and she died due to excessive bleeding. Her husband who arrives at the end of this incident also commits suicide by jumping into the burning pyre due to extreme grief. After this death, these illegal taxes were finally abolished in Travancore.

Devaswom and Brahmaswam

The Devaswom Foundation, meaning "belonging to God", is a trustee of all the temples and shrines in Kerala. Its members are appointed by the government and the people and one of their main functions is to supervise and control the Hindu temples and their assets while preserving the traditional rituals. These people are considered to belong to different traditional families and the properties of each temple are taken care of as the personal property of the lords of the respective temples. This was started in the 17th century by Namputri Brahmin families.

Rajaswoms and Brahmaswoms were associated with temples and in the early days, this was a decisive factor in political power as well as a catalyst for major disturbances. The Devaswam Mandal was created by Zamorins and other powerful aristocratic families to curb the power of the earlier Brahmaswom and Rajaswom groups. Although these remained neutral institutions, it was capable of being changed by a royal order, so "Samuthiri Raja Mana Vikram" was the first to issue such an order and managed to curb the power of Malliseri Mana who ruled the Brahmaswam of Guruvayur.


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