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Appan (2022) Sinhala Subtitle ,Full Cast & Crew Review


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"Appan" is a 2022 Malayalam film directed by Maju and written by Maju and R Jayakumar. Produced by Josekutty Madathil and Ranjith Manambarakkat, the film boasts an impressive cast, including Sunny Wayne as Njoonju, Alencier Ley Lopez as Ittychan, Pauly Valsan as Kuttyamma, Ananya as Rosy, Grace Antony as Molykutty, Vijilesh Karayad as Boban, Radhika Radhakrishnan as Sheela, Anil K. Sivaram as Varghese, Drupad Krishna as Abel, Geethi Sangeetha as Latha, Unni Raja as Suku, Shamsudheen Makarathodi as Jhonson, and Ashraf as Kuriako.

The film centers around Njoonju, played by Sunny Wayne, and his family, which includes his father Ittychan, his wife Rosy, and his younger sister Molykutty. The story revolves around their relationships and how they navigate their lives in a small village in Kerala.

The cinematography by Pappu is stunning and captures the essence of the village beautifully. The film is edited by Kiran Das, who has done an excellent job of keeping the pace of the story consistent throughout. The music by Dawn Vincent adds to the overall feel of the film and complements the scenes perfectly.

The Appan film's runtime is 129 minutes, and it is distributed by SonyLIV. "Appan" was released on October 28, 2022, in India and is in the Malayalam language. The film has received positive reviews, with an IMDb rating of 7.5/10 and an 85% liking on Google. You Can Also Find it in Appan 2022 wiki. 

Overall, "Appan" is a heartwarming film that showcases the importance of family and relationships. The performances by the cast are exceptional, and the story is well-written and engaging. The film is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good family drama set in the beautiful landscape of Kerala.

Appan 2022 Trailer 

you can easily find the trailer for "Appan" (2022) on YouTube or any other video streaming platform by searching for it using keywords such as "Appan Malayalam movie trailer" or "Appan 2022 official trailer".

Appan 2022 Cast

The cast of "Appan" (2022) includes:

  1. Sunny Wayne as Njoonju
  2. Alencier Ley Lopez as Ittychan (Njoonju's father)
  3. Pauly Valsan as Kuttyamma (Ittychan's wife)
  4. Ananya as Rosy (Njoonju's wife)
  5. Grace Antony as Molykutty (Njoonju's younger sister)
  6. Vijilesh Karayad as Boban (Molykutty's husband)
  7. Radhika Radhakrishnan as Sheela
  8. Anil K. Sivaram as Varghese (Ittychan's friend)
  9. Drupad Krishna as Abel (Njoonju's son)
  10. Geethi Sangeetha as Latha (a neighbor)
  11. Unni Raja as Suku
  12. Shamsudheen Makarathodi as Jhonson
  13. Ashraf as Kuriako

Appan (2022) Malayalam Film has a talented cast who have delivered captivating performances, making the film a must-watch for Malayalam movie enthusiasts. Appan Movie OTT Release Date was Announced as October 28, 2022. and it was released as an Appan (2022) HDRip Malayalam. also you Can find Here Appan 2022 Full Movie

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Appan (2022) Review & Appan (2022) Malayalam Film Story 

Appan (2022) is a Malayalam movie classified as Comedy and Drama. So the story of this film is based on several events that happen around a small village, a man named Nunju, runs rubber cutting on his own land as a livelihood, along with his wife, mother, father, and other family members.

Nunju's father, Itti, has been shown in this story to be a cruel man who harasses his wife, and always goes after the women of other people in the village, abusing them and sometimes even trying to rape the women in the village.

Due to this reason, he had to spend his last days in a bed as a person paralyzed from the waist down after being assaulted by the husband of a woman who had been abused by him.

But even in this situation, he tries to maintain his usual life and is tempted to deceive his family to bring home the prostitute named Sheila who lives in another house, and even ridicule them.

For this reason, his family always waits for his death and many people in the village who suffered from his previous activities always hang around the house where Nunju and others live, always using different tactics to kill him.

In the end, because of his father's behavior and insults from the villagers, Nunju was about to leave his home and the village where he had lived until then, and a person named Kuriakosa killed Verghese, an associate of his father, Itti.

After that, the villagers warn Nunju that Kuriakosa will also come to kill Itti. But as a son, Nunju considers it his responsibility to protect his father and eventually decides to fight Kuryakosa who arrives on Christmas Day to kill his father Wena Itti.

Kuryakosa fights with Nunju, who comes to kill Itti on Christmas Day. Here, Itti tells Kuriakosa to kill his son Nunju and take his wife Rosie and the other women in the house as well, making a deal with him and requesting not to kill him.

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