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Hi Nanna (2023) Sinhala Subtitle and Review – A Cinematic Journey of Love and Redemption


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"Unlocking Emotions: Hi Nanna (2023) Sinhala Subtitle and Review – A Cinematic Journey of Love and Redemption"

Table Of Content

9. Hi Nanna (2023) Conclusion

Unlocking Hearts: Hi Nanna (2023) Sinhala Subtitle & Review – A Tale of Love and Redemption

"Hi Nanna," a 2023 Indian Telugu romantic drama directed by Shouryuv, takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster with its compelling storyline, stellar cast, and soulful music. Released on December 7, 2023, the film has garnered acclaim for its poignant narrative, powerful performances, and a captivating soundtrack by Hesham Abdul Wahab. (Hi Nanna (2023) Sinhala Subtitle, Hi Nanna (2023) Sinhala Sub,Hi Nanna Sinhala Subtitle,Hi Nanna Sinhala Sub,Hi Nanna (2023),Hi Nanna (2023)).

Hi Nanna (2023) Sinhala Subtitle and Review IMDb and Audience Reception:

With an impressive 8.3/10 on IMDb and a staggering 97% approval rating from Google users, "Hi Nanna" has resonated well with both critics and audiences alike. The film's success at the box office, grossing over ₹75 crores worldwide, speaks volumes about its widespread appeal and emotional impact.

Hi Nanna (2023) Movie Story Plot Overview:

"Hi Nanna" revolves around Viraj, a renowned fashion photographer in Mumbai, and his six-year-old daughter Mahi, who battles cystic fibrosis. The narrative delves into Viraj's past, exploring his love story with Varsha, played by Mrunal Thakur. As Viraj recounts the ups and downs of their relationship, secrets unfold, leading to a gripping tale of love, loss, and redemption.

Viraj is a famous fashion photographer with his own studio in Mumbai with his six-year-old daughter Mahi, with cystic fibrosis. Curious about her mother, Mahi earns her story's promise from her father if she tops her class, but Viraj delays telling it, causing a rift. Mahi goes missing but is saved by Yashna. Both Yashna and Mahi force Viraj to tell the story of Varsha. Viraj recalls falling in love with Varsha, who Mahi is told to visualize as Yashna, in Coonoor. 

They marry, but Varsha's aversion to parenthood due to her parents failed relationship and divorce, strains their relationship. Mahi's birth reveals her cystic fibrosis, leading to further strain and regret from Varsha for marrying Viraj and conceiving Mahi. Here, a tearful Mahi requests Viraj to stop telling the story. Later, Viraj tells to Yashna that the couple gets into an accident while arguing.

After the accident erases Varsha's memories, Varsha's mother makes Viraj leave her along with Mahi. It is later revealed that Varsha is none other than Yashna, and Viraj has narrated the story with her name as Varsha to throw her off the scent. Mahi's and Yashna's bond starts to strengthen and Viraj, sensing this and fearing the return of the memories of her past which hurt her deeply, decides to go on an impromptu trip to Goa. Yashna plans Mahi's birthday in Goa, uncovering Viraj's forgetfulness. 

As a result, fights and emotional sequences result. Mahi, Pluto, Viraj and Yashna share a fleeting but cherished moment together. As Yashna's wedding approaches, Mahi yearns for Yashna's promised surprise. Feeling a true connection, Yashna confesses her love to Viraj, but Viraj, minding the promise he made in the past and fearful of hurting Varsha again, rejects her before her wedding begins. 

Mahi learns the truth about Yashna from a angered Varsha's mother, which prompts Viraj to angrily make a scene and warn her.

Unfortunately before the wedding, Mahi has a recurrence of cystic fibrosis symptoms and is rushed to a nearby hospital. However, the doctors say that she has a very little survival chance to Viraj, making him anxious and tense. During the wedding, Yashna's father (who has been living with Viraj this entire time and is now revealed) interrupts and talks to Yashna about whether she really wants this marriage, motivating her to fight harder for her love and informing her of Mahi's situation. 

Calling the wedding off with her fiancée Aravind's consent (the surgeon who saved Yashna from the coma originally), immediately rushes to the hospital to see him and Mahi. Mahi is currently in need of a lung transplant to save and protect her. Yashna's fiancée Aravind comes to know about her diagnosis and empathizes with her. 

Aravind, along with his physician friends, performs an operation to save Mahi that has a supposed 0.1% success probability, reigniting the hope within Viraj. The surgery is successfully completed and Mahi survives. Viraj and Yashna reconcile. The film ends with a grown-up Mahi singing a song about her life in front of an audience.

Hi Nanna (2023) Crew:

The film boasts a talented cast, featuring Nani and Mrunal Thakur in the lead roles, supported by Kiara Khanna, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, Angad Bedi, Jayaram, and Viraj Ashwin. Directed by Shouryuv, the screenplay is co-written by Shouryuv, Bhanu Dheeraj Rayudu, and Vasanth Sameer Pinnamaraju. The music, composed by Hesham Abdul Wahab, adds a soul-stirring dimension to the narrative.

Director and Writers:

Directed by Shouryuv, the creative mind behind the film's inception, Hi Nanna credits Nagendra Kasi for the compelling dialogue and Shouryuv for both the story and the screenplay. Hindi dialogue by Rashmi Singh adds depth to the narrative.


Mohan Cherukuri, Rahul Gandhi from Mumbai, K.S. Murthy, EVV. Satish, and Vijender Reddy Teegala join forces to bring Hi Nanna to life, each contributing to the film's success.

Key Crew:

  1. Music: Hesham Abdul Wahab
  2. Cinematography: Sanu John Varughese
  3. Editing: Praveen Antony
  4. Casting: Vishal Saroye
  5. Production Design: Kolla Avinash
  6. Costume Design: Lakshmi Kilari, Sheetal Sharma
Supporting Departments:

  1. Art Department: Madhu Varma (set dresser)
  2. Sound Department: Nagavenkatakumar (sound effects editor)
  3. Visual Effects: Ravi Varma Janagama (VFX Line Producer), Sreeram Nagineni (visual effects coordinator), Arun Pawar (visual effects supervisor), Kishore Sarakadam (3D artist)
  4. Stunts:Pruthvi impressively choreographed stunts, ensuring Hi Nanna's action sequences were both thrilling and safe.

Camera and Electrical Department:

  1. Gaffer: Mohammad Rafi Khan
  2. Jimmy Jib Operator: Pradeep Kumar Medarametla
  3. Second Assistant Camera: K J Sarat
  4. Animation Department:
  5. Bobby Kasimedha contributed as an animator, adding visual flair to the film.
Music Department:
  1. Lyricists Krishna Kanth, Kausar Munir, and Ananth Sriram infused soulful lyrics into the memorable soundtrack.
Additional Crew and Thanks:
  1. Aashian Ahluwalia, Rakesh Madderla Anand, Hemachandra Vedala, and Vinayakkini played crucial roles in various aspects, while special thanks were extended to Borde Abhijeet and Charantej Uppalapati.

Hi Nanna is a collaborative effort, blending the talents of numerous individuals to create a cinematic masterpiece.

Hi Nanna (2023) Cast:

  • Nani as Viraj:
Nani portrays the character of Viraj, a renowned fashion photographer based in Mumbai, central to the film's narrative.Mrunal Thakur as Yashna/Varsha (voice dubbed by Chinmayi):
  • Mrunal Thakur:
 skillfully takes on the dual role of Yashna and Varsha, with Chinmayi providing the emotive voice for her character.
  • Kiara Khanna as Mahi:
Kiara Khanna breathes life into Mahi, the daughter of Viraj and Yashna, pivotal to the storyline.
  • Ritika Nayak (Cameo) as Adult Mahi:
Ritika Nayak makes a cameo appearance as the grown-up Mahi, adding layers to the character's development.
  • Nassar as Dr. Ranjan:
Nassar takes on the role of Dr. Ranjan, contributing to the film's medical aspects and storyline.
  • Jayaram as Yashna/Varsha and Neha’s Father:
Jayaram plays a crucial role as the father of Yashna and Varsha, as well as the grandfather of Mahi, contributing to family dynamics.
Priyadarshi Pulikonda as Justin:

  • Priyadarshi Pulikonda
portrays Justin, Viraj's friend, adding a touch of camaraderie to the narrative.
Angad Bedi as Dr. Aravind Bhatia:

  • Angad Bedi 
assumes the role of Dr. Aravind Bhatia, Yashna’s fiancé, introducing a key element to the love story.

  • Shilpa Tulaskar as Yashna and Neha’s Mother:
Shilpa Tulaskar plays a significant role as the mother of Yashna and Neha, Viraj's mother-in-law, and Mahi's grandmother.
Viraj Ashwin as Dr. Ashok Bhatia:

  • Viraj Ashwin
 takes on the character of Dr. Ashok Bhatia, Aravind’s brother, contributing to the overall family dynamics.
Drishty Talwar as Neha:

  • Drishty Talwar plays Neha, Yashna and Varsha’s sister, adding depth to the familial relationships.
  • Shruti Haasan (Cameo) as a Model in "Odiyamma" song:
Shruti Haasan makes a special appearance as a model in the song "Odiyamma," bringing star power to the film.
Neha Sharma (Cameo) as a Model:

  • Neha Sharma makes a cameo appearance as a model, contributing to the visual appeal of the film.
The diverse and talented cast of Hi Nanna contributes to the film's rich storytelling and emotional impact, creating a memorable cinematic experience.

Hi Nanna (2023) Musical Brilliance:

  1. Album Title: Hi Nanna (2023)
  2. Release Date: December 18, 2023
  3. Recording Year: 2023
  4. Recording Studios:
  5. HW Studio, Kochi
  6. Jubilee10 Studios, Hyderabad
  7. Soundtown Studios, Chennai
  8. YRF Studios, Mumbai
  9. Genre: Film soundtrack
  10. Total Length: 31:32 minutes
  11. Language: Telugu
  12. Label: T-Series
  13. Producer: Hesham Abdul Wahab

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. "Gaaju Bomma" Anantha Sriram  Hesham Abdul Wahab 4:25
2. "Samayama" Anantha Sriram  Anurag Kulkarni, Sithara Krishnakumar 3:24
3. "Asalelaa" Anantha Sriram  Shakthisree Gopalan, Anurag Kulkarni 1:04
4. "Ammaadi" Krishna Kanth  Kaala Bhairava, Shakthisree Gopalan 3:39
5. "Enno Enno" Anantha Sriram  Bhavana Isvi 1:06
6. "Adigaa" Krishna Kanth Karthik 3:30
7. "Idhe Idhe" Krishna Kanth  Hesham Abdul Wahab 3:35
8. "Odiyamma" Anantha Sriram  Dhruv Vikram, Shruti Haasan, Chinmayi Sripaada 3:15
9. "Chedhu Nijam"  Krishna Kanth  Geetha Madhuri, Hesham Abdul Wahab 4:17
10. "Needhe Needhe"  Krishna Kanth  Aavani Malhar 3:15
Total Length: 31:32

Hesham Abdul Wahab's soundtrack for "Hi Nanna" is nothing short of a masterpiece. The album, released on December 18, 2023, features 10 soulful tracks, each contributing to the film's emotional depth. Notably, Wahab employed artificial intelligence to re-record the background score, marking a groundbreaking achievement in Indian cinema.

Hi Nanna (2023) Memorable Tracks:

The soundtrack includes standout singles like "Samayama," "Gaaju Bomma," "Ammadi," "Odiyamma," and "Idhe Idhe." Each song complements the film's narrative, creating a harmonious blend of melody and emotion.

Hi Nanna (2023) Development Insights: Film Budget and Box Office Performance:

Budget: ₹40 crore

The production of Hi Nanna involved a budget of ₹40 crore, encompassing various aspects such as cast salaries, production costs, marketing, and distribution expenses.
Box Office Earnings: Estimated ₹75 crore

Hi Nanna proved to be a commercial success, surpassing expectations by earning an estimated ₹75 crore at the box office. The film's compelling storyline, talented cast, and effective marketing likely contributed to its financial success. This impressive box office performance reflects the film's popularity and positive reception among audiences.

Hesham Abdul Wahab, in his second Telugu film after "Kushi," describes the scoring process as imperative to reflecting the tranquility of visuals and production design. The composer's innovative use of artificial intelligence in re-recording the film's score sets "Hi Nanna" apart as a trailblazer in the industry.

Hi Nanna (2023) Conclusion:

"Hi Nanna" stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, supported by a stellar cast, an emotive soundtrack, and innovative filmmaking techniques. Its success at the box office and critical acclaim reaffirm its place as a must-watch in the realm of Indian cinema, offering audiences a poignant and unforgettable cinematic experience.

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