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Big mouth kdrama 2022 Sinhala subtitle & Review Full Cast & Crew Story

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Big Mouth 2022 or Big Mouse 2022 is a South Korean TV series. The series consists of 16 episodes and is scheduled to air every Saturday and Sunday on MBC and Disney+. The big Mouth 2022 series is directed by director Oh Choong-Hwan. Also, the Big Mouth 2022 series is mainly divided into crime, drama, mystery, and horror genres. 

Produced by three producers Ahn In-yong, Lee Sang-Baek, and Kim Young-Gyu through AStory, Studio Dragon and A-Man Project production houses, the first episode of the series will be released on July 29, 2022, and the final episode will be released on September 2022.

 It is planned to be released on the 17th. The story of the Big Mouth 2022 TV series is written by Kim Ha-ram and the music direction is provided by Park Se-Joon. 

The script is written by Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon, and the lead and supporting actors are Lee Jong Suk, Im Yoon Ah, Kim Joo Heon, Ok Ja Yeon, Yang Kyung Won, and Yang Kyung-won, and Kim Jeong-Hyun. 

A large group of actors is participating in the performance. However, the IMDV index value received for the Big Mouth 2022 series is 9/10 and MyDramaList index value is 8.6/10 and Google has indicated the user preference value as 94%.

Big mouth Korean Drama Story

                                               Big mouth 2022 S01E01

The story of the first part begins with a number of news reports presented by journalists about some crimes committed by a criminal known by the pseudonym Big Mouth. A lawyer named Park Chanho, who is the speaker of the series, makes an introduction about the city he is in and points out that it is a decrepit place full of crimes. 

Also, Park Chanho is a lawyer and his case-winning rate is as low as 10%, and he is known as a braggart who always talks about himself with an overestimation. Here he has shown a scene where he attends a banquet with his wife and father-in-law to celebrate their wedding anniversary. 

After traveling some distance in the story, a murder takes place in a hospital complex called Guchen, where Park Chanho is given a contract by the mayor of Guchen city to release his friends who were arrested on suspicion of murder. This story tells about a lawyer who risks his life and launches an investigation to arrest a criminal named Big Mouse.

Big mouth 2022 S01E02 

The second part of the story begins with Park Chanho's hospitalization after the car accident. At the same time, a flashback of Miho and Chanho is shown. Here, in the scene where the two of them are participating in a sports tournament, Miho sees Chanho getting into an accident while leading the band, and suddenly back in the present, Chanho regains consciousness in the hospital asking about his phone. 

There, while he was about to leave to meet the prosecutor, a police team arrived and accused Chanho of using drugs and arrested him. He then asks the mayor to save him, but the mayor refuses and leaves Chanho alone. 

Later, after taking Chanho to Guchen Prison, due to a conspiracy of some people, Chanho is known as Big Mouse, a notorious criminal, after leaving several pieces of evidence that prove it in his office. Because of this, the people who led the conspiracy are carrying out a media campaign, putting him and his family in a lot of trouble, and then he decides to commit suicide due to the loss of hope due to this incident.

Big Mouth 2022 S01E03

The story of Big mouth 2022 S01E03 begins with Park Chanho trying to escape the prison and asking the prison officials to shoot him. But because of Gong Ji Hun's phone call, the immediate execution of prison warden Park suspended the order to shoot Chanho and finally sent him to a solitary cell as a punishment for escaping prison. 

In the meantime, Miho, who resigned from the hospital where she previously worked, appeared for the interview to join the nursing service at Guchen University Hospital, which caused controversy. After that, being selected for the nursing service in that hospital, the head nurse introduced her to the other staff. 

Then she started to investigate the information related to the murder in Guchen Hospital. In the meantime, Miho comes to know about an unfair contract system regarding the patients in the hospital and informs his father about it and they also find out that there is some connection between this contract and the writing of the deceased Professor Seo In the meantime because the amount of bribe money received from the prisoners was not enough

 Mr. Park, who is the warden of the prison, called a meeting with the prisoners again and while working to collect money from them. Park Chan-ho objects to this and then Chan-ho offers to lead a rebellion among the prisoners due to a food problem in the prison.

Big mouth 2022 S01E04

Big mouth 2022 S01E04 episode begins with a scene of a fight between Park Chanho's group and the other prisoners sent by special guests to kill Park Chanho. Here, one of Park Chanho's groups has to be hospitalized due to a stabbing incident. 

After that, the prison warden and his group imprisoned all the prisoners who started the fight in the punishment rooms, and one of the prisoners who started the fight committed suicide by hanging himself in the cell. However, many prisoners think that this prisoner was killed by Park Chanho because he came to kill them. 

Later, enemy prisoners who come out of the punishment room also commit suicide by consuming cyanide In the prison, Park Chan-ho is feared and greatly appreciated by the other inmates. In the meantime, Miho is caught in a conspiracy by the hospital staff at Guchen University Hospital. 

Miho receives an order to give a dose of medicine for injection to a certain patient and after giving the injection, the patient's condition becomes critical due to some complications. Here the hospital staff accuses Miho saying that it was a mistake made by her. 

After this Miho presented evidence saying that she did not do anything wrong and that she gave the medicine according to the order she received, and the hospital staff revealed the conspiracy against her.

Big mouth 2022 S01E05

In Big mouth 2022 S01E05, when Chanho leaves to meet Gong Jihun to confirm his identity in front of his rivals, the prisoners wish him well and even offer to bet on Chanho's victory as they talk among themselves. 

In the meantime, he learns that Mayor Choi Doha's list of drug clients is fake. He then leaves to inform Chanho about it but is unable to do so due to Park's interference. However, in the end, Chanho manages to convince Gong Jihun and others that he is the real Big Mouse because he is able to present the list of real drug customers. 

After that, according to a new agreement with Park, Chanho becomes a special guest in prison and manages to win over many prisoners to his side. After this, using his unique powers and privileges in the prison, Chanho begins to force the three special guests to confess their crimes at the trial. There, one prisoner confesses everything and agrees to betray his friends.

Big mouth 2022 S01E06

Big mouth 2022 S01E06 After Choi Doha tells Miho that Chanho is the real Big Mouse, Miho begins to believe that Chanho is the real Big Mouth due to the evidence he presented the mysterious murders in prison. 

Meanwhile, Miho and the hospital staff arrive at the Guchen Prison for the annual service at the Guchen Hospital, where Miho is treated with great respect by the prison inmates because they think she is Big Mouse's wife. Meanwhile, after the wife of one special guest came to Guchen Prison along with the hospital staff, the special guest severely assaulted his wife and she was injured as a result.

 Miho, who is looking for the memory card with Professor Seo's writing, is given a clue as to its location by a guardian of one of the patients at Guchen Hospital. Here, the informant says that Professor Seo's writing is hidden in a necklace pendant with the sign of the cross.

 After getting this information, Miho guesses that it is in the necklace worn by Guchen hospital director Juhi and after taking the necklace tablet from Juhi and examining it, Miho realizes that the document is not contained in the necklace. 

But in the end, Miho realizes that the wanted document is in the necklace of the wife of the special guest who came to the prison to volunteer with the hospital staff.

Big mouth 2022 S01E07

In the Big mouth 2022 S01E07 episode, Jung Chebong and Lee Daegun leave the prison after bailing on strict conditions, leaving their friend Han who betrayed them alone in the prison with the intention of punishing him by other prisoners. 

As the two special guests leave the prison on bail, Jailer Park leaves for his weekend vacation, giving the second officer a series of special instructions and instructing him to keep an eye on Chanho and the other prisoners. In the meantime, Han pleads with another prisoner, Yang, a gang member, to protect him, 

but Jang refuses and tries to beat Han by tying him to a chair. At this time, Chanho, who arrives at the scene, attacks Jang and others and manages to save Han. In the meantime, they learn that the document they have been looking for is in the possession of Dokta Han's wife, Jang Haejin, and Ko Mi Ho and others make great efforts to find Haejin, who is already hiding. 

And in the meantime, Gong Jihun and others manage to get the help of Jerry, another prisoner in the prison and one of Chanho's close friends, to trap Big Mouse. Also, Jerry reveals that Chanho is not the real Big Mouse.

Big mouth 2022 S01E08

In the Big mouth 2022 S01E08 episode, Park Chanho gets caught in a plot by Gong Jihun and his close friend Jerry, whom he met while in prison, and is eventually kidnapped while being taken to the hospital. Here, Gong Jihun takes Park Chanho to one of the mental hospitals of his business network and tortures him by imprisoning him to find out where the 300 billion won money that Big Mouse stole from him is hidden. 

In the meantime, Ko Miho and her father finally find Jang Haejin's whereabouts and finally request her to testify against Gong Jihun and others. At this point, Jang Haejin leaves the place, indicating that it will be accepted, and many other prisoners in prison suddenly start getting sick. 

In the meantime, Chanho, who is locked up in the mental hospital, is eventually given an unusual injection by Gong Jihun and others while trying to intoxicate him and reveal the truth. 

While going to the place and working hard with his comrades, his closest comrade Jerry, who got help from Big Mouse and betrayed him, comes back and saves Park Chanho from the mental hospital and helps Chanho escape. During this incident, Jerry dies after a confrontation with the police while helping Chanho. 

Big mouth 2022 episode S01E09

Big mouth 2022 episode S01E09 During the trial of the murder case of the special guests in the courtroom, Big Mouth aka Park Chanho joins the head of News Mental social media and predicts the questions that will happen in the case and the answers that the defendants will give during the public live broadcast of the trial. 

People are able to show that the trial is a complete hoax. Meanwhile, after taking a break from the court case, Park Chan-ho and News Mental are working together to stop the live broadcast, while Gong Ji-hoon and Prosecutor Choi work hard to get one of the special guests, Han, to give Professor Seo's document in exchange for the adultery documents. 

An agreement is made between Jihun. Meanwhile, while Miho comes to her side and thanks Haejin for keeping his promise, when the security forces are about to re-imprison Park Chanho, who is on the run from the law, in front of the journalists, Karana pressures the prosecutor to re-appeal the case against the special guests who were released on bail due to the new revelation.

The authorities are working to remove the new investigation into the murder case from the prosecutor's office and give it to the criminal division, and in the conversation between the special guests and the mayor, it is presented in this part that Mayor Choi is the mastermind behind Professor Seo's murder, and hints are given that Big Mouse is himself.

Big mouth 2022 S01E10

In the Big mouth 2022 S01E10 episode, Chanho is surprised to see the guest who came to meet him while waiting and thinking about meeting the real Big Mouth. Chanho first believes that the prison warden Park who came to meet him as Big Mouse is the real Big Mouse. 

But after a conversation between the two of them, it is confirmed that the warden Park is not Big Mouse but one of his closest associates. Miho goes to the hospital to see Jerry and learns that Jerry is not in his hospital bed. 

Meanwhile, Choi Doha is reflecting on her past and watching the video reading about the history of Guchen again, when Gon Jihun arrives at the scene. After this, the two don't have a very good conversation and suddenly Chanho gets a call and Choi tells Doha that he is taking the prosecutor's office. 

Chanho asks Choi Doha to appear as a witness on his side because he will reveal important evidence about Big Mouse when the prosecutor questions him. In the meantime, Meesho and two other nurses at the hospital where she previously worked apply for the latest medical assistant vacancies in the prison, and after an incident that occurs after the interview, Meeho qualifies for the job.

Big mouth 2022 S01E11

In episode S01E11 of Big Mouth 2022 Korean Drama, Mayor Choi starts going to the hospital to check on his wife and see her when he finds out that his wife has been in a car accident. 

In the meantime, the police officers who came to the hospital informed the mayor that Juhi's blood samples contain drugs. At this time, Gong Jihun, who is nearby, spreads the news in his newspaper with the aim of taking revenge on the mayor. 

After the conspiracy by Park Chanho and the mayor, the prison warden Park loses his position and eventually has to return as a prisoner to the prison he controlled. After this, together with the new prison warden, Gun Soochul, Park Chanho begins to hunt down Big Mouse's closest associates. 

In the meantime, Ko Mi Hota Jang Hae-jin, who is looking for a clue about Seo Jeon's writing, says that the blood samples taken from the prisoners contain a drug called ASR, and the ciphers in the blood test she conducted to show a clue about Seo Jeon's writing. In the meantime, Jang Haejin, who returns to Korea to research the last blood samples, ends up facing a big danger.

Big mouth 2022 S01E12

Big mouth 2022 Korean drama episode S01E12 When Choi Doha Mayor and his assistant work to cover up the death of Jang Hae-jin, who is killed by Han Je-ho, Choi realizes that Park Chan-ho and Ko Mi-ho know their true form after seeing text messages sent to Jang Hae-jin's phone by Mi-ho. Doha understands. 

After that, Choi Doha makes a phone call to Gun Soochul and orders him to kill Park Chanho and Ko Miho. According to Doha's instructions, prison warden Gun Soochul recruits a group of prisoners to kill Park Chan-ho and others, and leads them to kill Chan-ho and Ko Mi-ho, encouraging a major rebellion in the prison. 

During the rebellion, Park Chanho and No Park, the real Big Mouse, make a deal to surrender Big Mouse to the police and then Chanho bails him out of prison. After this, there is a fight between Choi Doha and Gong Jihoon due to the fact that Gong Jihoon gave publicity through his newspapers by reporting the wrong news about Juhee's car accident.

 But in the end, Gong Jihun, who joins Park Chanho, launches a secret conspiracy against Choi Doha. In the meantime, Noh Park, the real Big Mouse who comes out of prison, gets caught in a big bomb explosion after going to his restaurant with Park Chanho.

Big mouth 2022 S01E13

Big mouth 2022 Korean series S01E13 begins with a big explosion after No Park, who is released on bail, arrives at his old restaurant with Park Chanho.In this section, it has been shown that Big Mouse or No Park died after this explosion. Meanwhile, Choi Doha Taman confesses in front of Hyun Juhee that he ordered Seo Jeon to be killed. 

After this incident, with the aim of hurting Gong Jihun and others, Hyun Juhee becomes the head of Gong Jihun's company by taking over the majority shares of Wujin's Daily newspaper company owned by Gong Jihun while removing the secret research laboratory from Guchen University Hospital. 

At the same time, with No Park's death, Park becomes Chanho for the leadership vacancy in Big Mouse's organization according to Big Mouse's last order. 

Due to this incident, there is a division in Big Mouse's organization, while Park Jailer, who represents a high position in the organization, does not like this new position of Chanho and starts to act according to his wishes while protesting it. 

He employs a group of hired assassins to kill Choi Doha, but they ultimately fail. But due to this incident, Choi Doha is injured. Later, Choi Doha announces through a press release that he will resign from the position of mayor.

Big mouth 2022 S01E14

Big mouth 2022 Korean series episode S01E13 starts in Chairman Kang's office with Choi Doha and Gong Jihun and others including Park Chanho deceiving Chairman Kang by telling a lie that Big Mouse, a new member of the mafia, kidnapped his family and forcing him to work. In the end, it was a vision of reaching an agreement to get his support for the mayoral election. 

Here, Park Chanho reveals to Gong Jihun that the 100 billion won was not stolen by him or Big Mouse's mafia organization, but a fraud committed by a person in the NK group. In the meantime, Miho, who is going to visit the prisoner on death row, asks a few questions, and when the prisoner asks a few questions, he points out a hint that Miho is also suffering from leukemia. 

Also, the prisoner also requests Miho to find out the information about his mother, who was about to undergo a bone marrow transplant and inform him of the data. Meanwhile, a secret meeting between Choi Doha and Jailer Park takes place, where Choi Doha and Park make an agreement to deal with their common enemy, Park Chanho. 

After making this agreement, Jailer Park, who strategically captures Park Chanho, prepares to kill him. Meanwhile, Choi Doha executes a plot to kill Chairman Kang

Big mouth 2022 S01E15

Big mouth 2022 Korean drama episode S01E15 begins after Park Chanho reveals all the truth about Choi Doha to Chairman Kang with evidence, he sends a message to Choi Doha to come and see him. 

After that, Choi Doha kills Chairman Kang with the help of Chairman Kang's bodyguard. After the funeral, Park Chanho asks Gong Jihun to support him in the mayoral election, but he ultimately refuses. 

  Meanwhile, in the latest power coup within the NK conglomerate, Choi gains control of all the entities in the Doha and Juhee businesses by subterfuge by changing Chairman Kang's last will and taking majority ownership of all the shares. 

After that, Hyun Joo Hee threatens to fire Gong Ji Hoon from the company, and then Gong Ji Hoon then asks for Park Chan Ho's help again and says he will support him again in his mayoral election. Here, after a new agreement between Park Chan-ho and Gong Ji-hun, Gong Ji-hun sets out to find Chairman Kang's natural son, aiming to take revenge on Choi Doha by gaining a majority of the company's ownership through him.

Big mouth 2022 S01E16

In episode S01E16 of the Korean series Big mouth 2022, Park Chan-ho and Choi are running for the mayoral election of Doha Guchen City and are motivated to do various actions to win, outdoing each other in a highly competitive atmosphere. 

In the meantime, Ko Mi-ho ignores her cancer condition and begins to devote herself to Chan-ho's election victory, and she joins some of Big Mouse's team on a private investigation into the controversial fish farm to uncover malpractice being perpetrated by Choi Do-ha and his company. 

A search is being conducted. Here, she and Big Mouse's team are able to find the reason for the increase in cancer patients in the city and reveal a big mystery that is often mentioned and tried to be suppressed in the series. 

In the meantime, a televised debate between Park Chan-ho and Choi Doha is scheduled to take place in the final stages of the election, so Choi Doha is acting before it and accuses Chanho of a crypto-currency scam in a way that will embarrass him in front of the public.

 After this, it is spread as fake news and forced Park Chanho to resign from the election campaign. But in the end, an incident happens that turns everything upside down, and in the end, as well as the results of the elections, Ko Meeho reveals a big mystery about himself, and the council, where the debate is going on, does a big controversial act.


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